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We recommend an induction or butane heater for maximum flavor and vapor production. The differences between a dry herbvaporizer or a dab pen are down to individual preferences. Dabs are far more potent than flowers, and they take up much less space in termsof portability.

Free stock photo from Hasan · PexelsThis vaporizer stands out because of its stunning design. The device has a variety of pieces made of gold that look great with the matte black design. If you’re looking for vape in style, this is the device for tabletop vaporizers,, you. The vapor it produces is also perfectly suitable for a wide range needs. Another high-end device is the Arizer Solo II. It has a simple, yet effective design. It’s perfect if you are looking to vape anywhere, anytime.

Our designers are available to work directly alongside your brand to bring your product life. This online headshop offers everything you need about cannabis. You can buy a pipe, grinder, or vaporizer.