In fact, amulets are the only way for gods and Buddhas to express their spiritual powers and traces. Charms are also divided into good and evil, if it is an evil amulet, of course, and must hide private, conceal the key points, at most only point to the end. Sorcery is a great taboo for people and gods in the world, which harms people and damages Yin De. If the amulet is correct, there is no need and possibility to hide and conceal. On the one hand, it is the art of opening the amulet to the public. Second, it can indirectly save and help people, benefit the people, and benefit the people. Thinking of this, Cheng Lu seemed to have realized a little of the old man’s pains. The teaching of amulets is very strict, requiring that “parents are not passed on, wives and children are not passed on”. Charms and incantations have mysterious power. They can not only prevent and cure diseases, drive ghosts and gods, lock demons and call back souls, turn bad luck into good luck, curse and kill enemies,side impact door beams, but also fly sand and stones, stop wind and rain, call rats and repel mosquitoes… Such a magical spell. It would be a real human tragedy if it reached the hands of someone with bad intentions. Cheng Lu suddenly jumped down from the bed, she wanted to understand, she remembered the story of Cheng Men Lixue. The story of “Cheng Men Li Xue” is about the Song Dynasty scholar Yang Shihe who asked Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi for help. Ercheng, a native of Yichuan, Luoyang, was also a Confucian scholar in the Song Dynasty. The theory of the two Chengs was later inherited and developed by Zhu Xi,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, known as the “Cheng-Zhu School”. Yang Shi and You Yu were very respectful to learn from Ercheng. Yang You and Yang You originally took Cheng Hao as their teacher. After Cheng Hao died, they were both forty years old and had passed the Jinshi examination. However, they still wanted to go to Cheng Hao to continue their studies. Legend has it that one day, Yang Shi and Youyu came to Songyang Academy to pay their respects to Cheng Yi, when they met the old gentleman who closed his eyes and sat pretending to sleep. Cheng Yi knew that there were two guests coming, but he did not move and ignored them. The two of them were afraid of disturbing the old man’s rest, so they had to stand respectfully and wait for her to open her eyes without saying a word. After waiting like this for a long time, Cheng Yicai woke up from a dream. When he saw Yang You, he pretended to be surprised and said, “Ah!”! Ah! My good nephew is already here! It means you two are still here. It was a very cold day in winter. I don’t know when it began to snow. The snow outside the door was more than a foot deep. This story is called “Cheng Men Li Xue”. Later, to describe respecting teachers and sincerely seeking advice, people often quote this typical example and this idiom. This can also be said to be a test of learning! To practice the art of amulets, the selection of apprentices must be cautious and cautious, and must not be passed on lightly. Cheng Lu has this patience and charm. The next morning, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Tubes, she went again. She stood firmly outside the door and insisted that the old man accept her. Cheng Lu did not go to school and stood outside the door in the morning. The old couple also saw Cheng Lu, and even some good neighbors were watching. Cheng Lu did not care. At noon, the old woman came out. “You are a stubborn child. Come in and say it!” This time at noon is still a little hot, Cheng Lu stood outside the door for a few hours, really can not hold on, listen to the old lady said so, then followed her in with a smile, the old lady is still sitting on the Kang, saw Cheng Lu came in, did not speak, looked at Cheng Lu for a long time. “Why do you want to learn spells?” “Because I want to help people. It’s true.” “You said your family was a physiognomist?” “Yes, my grandfather is a famous physiognomist.” Cheng Lu talked with the old man about his family for a long time. She began to learn from her grandfather when she was a few years old. But what did she learn? The most important thing was her views on the number of arts. The old man just listened and did not answer much. Sometimes he missed a few words in the middle and did not express his opinions. “You go back first!” “Then you..” “I’ll think about it.” Cheng Lu looked at his appearance, also did not say anything, the old lady looked at the dog to Cheng Lu, Cheng Lu then left. When Cheng Lu left, the old lady went into the room and looked at her wife. “I think this girl is very good. Why don’t you like her?” “It’s not that I don’t like it. There are a lot of people who want to learn from me over the years, but they all have a purpose, or they are people with bad intentions and greedy for money. When my master passed it on to me, he told me that I must be careful when choosing an apprentice. If I hadn’t chosen the wrong apprentice, God wouldn’t have punished me like this!” “I have to ask someone to see how the child’s character is.”? Is what she said true? Anyway, we must be careful this time. There are fewer and fewer people doing this. I think I will break up in my life. When the old lady heard this, she agreed. Cheng Lu is secretly skipping classes this time, she really did not do this, back to school is already the first class in the afternoon, knocked on the door into the classroom, Cheng Lu’s heart is still very perturbed. But there was no teacher to find her, Cheng Lu was relieved. Before school in the evening, the classmate at the class gate suddenly called her, Cheng Lu thought it was Guo Ming that guy came to the second floor, the heart is angry! I was going to teach the guy who hit the muzzle a good lesson, but as soon as I went out, I saw an unknown boy standing there. He was far away from the door. Cheng Lu looked around and saw no one else before he was sure that he was looking for himself. Was he coming to deliver a love letter again? “Hello, is it for me?” 65 Zeng Quan left “Someone told me to tell you that he was waiting for you in the back woods after school this afternoon.” He finished and left, leaving Cheng Lu standing there in a daze, the first thought in his heart was that only Zeng Quan could find her like this, would she go or not? A little tangled, but if you don’t go, I guess you will come at night, it’s not good to be found, even if you want to find it, it’s still outside! It’s not a good thing to be caught in the house! Talk about women! Is the heart can not hide things, this notice to find her, Cheng Lu heart is always thinking about this matter, what to think? But what would he say to himself? What is he going to do? Ceng Quan is very tall, very thin, and not so handsome,beam impact tubes, but I don’t know why, Cheng Lu felt his heart beat faster when he saw him, and his obvious movements couldn’t keep up with his eyes.