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Introduction to Gate Valves: Definition,Function,Application and More

There are many applications for gate valves, which are an economical choice for many industries. Gate valves provide tight shut-off and are used in various fluid processes. In this guide, you will learn what a gate valve is, how it works, what it is used for, and the types of gate valves you can purchase online.     What is a Gate Valve   Gate valves, prevalent in both above-ground and subterranean pipelines, serve as a common linear valve type. Engineered to commence and cease liquid flow within conduits, these valves empower users to isolate specific pipe sections when needed. Often referred to as water gate valves or sluice valves, they play a pivotal role in various applications. Typically, gate valves comprise the valve body itself, seamlessly integrated into the pipeline, and a connected handwheel actuator responsible for valve manipulation. This multi-turn wheel assembly, extending above or alongside the pipe and valve, links to a bonnet assembly via a stem. Rotating the wheel in one direction facilitates valve opening, while the opposite direction prompts closure. Gate valves boast advantages such as complete water flow shutdown for troubleshooting, maintenance, and pipe-cleaning endeavors. Noteworthy is their bidirectional functionality, enabling flow obstruction in both […] read more
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