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How to Select OPTO-EDU Metallurgical Microscope?

What is a Metallurgical Microscope?   Metallurgical Microscopes, also named as Materials Microscopes, are mainly used in metallography, forensics, plastics processing, metal detection, semiconductor materials, laser systems, solar cells using thin-film and wafer technology, and many other fields of material science. Whether they are optical or digital, metallurgical microscopes can be used in virtually any industry or field of study that must observe glossy metal surfaces. These include metallurgy, mineralogy, and gemology. Manufacturers also utilize digital or optical metallurgical microscopes to inspect materials and components for signs of defects or wear. Some of the types of samples you might look at with a metallurgical microscope include metal parts, fiberglass, industrial manufacturing failures in materials, carbon fiber, plastics and concrete.   Microscopic analysis method is a very important research method in the field of material science. It can observe and study the structural details and defects in materials such as metals that cannot be observed by macroscopic analysis methods. Metallographic microscope is the main tool for microscopic analysis.   Metallurgical Microscopes may look similar to compound biological microscopes, but they differ in a number of ways. Using a metallurgical microscope allows the user to view samples at high magnification (up to 500x […] read more
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