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April 30, 2024

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Facial Recognition Lock To Your Front Door In 2024

Several new devices were revealed at CES 2024, including high end smart lock equipped with facial recognition technology and support for Apple HomeKey and the Apple Home app. Picture arriving home with arms filled with grocery bags, and effortlessly unlocking your door by just facing it. It recognizes you with precision, as if it intimately knows who you are, because, well, it does.   Smart locks are your first defense to protect your privacy from intruders and theft. With the fingerprint sensor, facial recognition on some models of the smart locks, you can set and forget the lock.   For those prone to misplacing keys or seeking a heightened level of security for building entry, a facial recognition door lock system could be the ideal solution. The rising popularity of these systems is attributed to their blend of convenience and enhanced security features. This blog post delves into the two primary types of facial recognition door locks, outlining their respective pros and cons.     Built in Door Lock with Facial Recognition The integrated facial recognition lock is a unified unit that incorporates both the door lock and the facial recognition reader. Typically employed in residential environments, this system can replace traditional door locks. Despite its […] read more
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