Differences Between Computer Science and Data Science


It is common for the fields of data science and computer science to collaborate. The two share a lot in common, but what distinguishes them? This blog aims to compare and contrast the fields of data science and computer science, as well as to explain what each one is and the skills required for it.

So let’s get started. 

What is Computer Science?

The study of computers and computing concepts is known as computer science. It covers computer architecture, design, and its uses in technology and science.

With a wide range of research fields to explore further, computer science deals with software and hardware and other elements like the internet and networking.

Although the software section focuses on concepts and programming languages, the hardware section studies computer design and its operational procedures. Compilers and operating systems are also part of computer science.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a discipline that combines machine learning, algorithms, data inference, programming, mathematics, and statistics to draw conclusions from unstructured data and address challenging issues.

90% of the data in existence now, according to a 2013 study by Sciencedaily.com, was produced in the two years prior. Consider that. We collected 9 times as much data in only two years as humankind’s collective data-gathering efforts over thousands of years.

Skills and knowledge: Computer science v/s data science

Data Science Skills

The skills required for data science are: 

  • Technical Skills:

  • SQL Databases

  • Apache Spark and Hadoop

  • Python Programming and R Programming

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Data Visualization using Tableau and Excel

  • Non-Technical Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Teamwork

  • Business Strategy

  • Intellectual Curiosity

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Computer Science Skills

  • Technical knowledge of computers

  • Programming skills

  • Software Development

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Software Testing

  • Slack and GitHub

  • IDE’s

  • Atom and Visual Studio

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Atlassian

  • Software Integration

  • Data Analysis

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Attention to detail and Problem-solving Skills

  • Creativity and Communication Skills

Career: Data Science vs Computer Science

Data Science Career

For qualified professionals, data science has become the most promising employment path. The hottest profession of the twenty-first century has already been named data science. The various positions in the field of data science include:

  • Data Science

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Data Mining Engineer

  • Data Architect

Computer Science Career

All individuals who work in computer science are collectively referred to as computer scientists. They focus on the technical details of the computation. There are numerous job roles in the sector, including –

  • Software Engineer

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Software Tester

  • Systems Analyst

  • Business analyst

  • Product Manager

  • Network architect

  • Cloud computing engineer

The similarity between Data Science and Computer Science

  • You are expected to be a leader in technology in both jobs.

  • Both have complementary skills.

  • They all employ computational techniques.

  • You must be familiar with both business and products.

  • Both positions demand some comprehension of and familiarity with data.

  • You must be an expert user of GitHub for both.

  • Computer science and data science are complementary fields.

  • Both demand programming expertise.

  • Both adhere to a methodical, scientific approach.

  • Both professionals are capable of switching between their various tasks.

Computer science versus data science which is preferable?

All computational processes are included in the discipline of computer science. It is a superset of various related fields’ superset: software and application development, testing, network security, and system design processes. The actual construction of the technological foundation of the modern world in the twenty-first century is under the purview of this study.

Computer science has a relatively recent subfield called data science. Another way to think about it is as a child of computer science and statistics. Insightful information that can be applied to practice is produced by studying and analyzing data with the help of data science.

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