Exploring the Sons of the Forest Map: Maintenance Keycard Location

Sons of the Forest map is an upcoming survival horror game and the sequel to the popular game, The Forest. It is set in a dense forest environment where players must survive against a variety of terrifying creatures. The game features a vast open world with several areas to explore, each with its own unique challenges and objectives. One of the key locations players must find is the Maintenance Keycard Location.


The Maintenance Keycard Location is an important area in Sons of the Forest as it holds the key to unlocking certain doors in the game. It is located in a facility hidden deep in the forest and requires players to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to reach it. In this article, we will take a closer look at this location and explore what players can expect when they arrive.

Finding the Maintenance Keycard Location

To find the Maintenance Keycard Location, players must first locate the facility where it is located. The facility is hidden deep in the forest and is guarded by a variety of creatures, including mutants and cannibals. Once players reach the facility, they must solve puzzles and fight their way through enemies to reach the Maintenance Keycard Location.

Exploring the Maintenance Keycard Location

Once players reach the Maintenance Keycard Location, they will find themselves in a room with several locked doors. The Maintenance Keycard is required to unlock these doors and progress further in the game. The room itself is filled with machinery and equipment, adding to the game’s immersive atmosphere. Players must be careful not to disturb any of the equipment as it may attract enemies.

Challenges and Rewards

The Maintenance Keycard Location is not an easy area to navigate, and players will face several challenges along the way. These challenges include solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and navigating through tight spaces. However, the rewards for reaching the Maintenance Keycard Location are well worth the effort. Not only will players be able to progress further in the game, but they will also gain access to valuable resources and weapons.


The Maintenance Keycard Location is an essential area in Sons of the Forest map, and players must make it a priority to find it. It offers a challenging but rewarding experience, and players will be able to progress further in the game once they have obtained the Maintenance Keycard. With its immersive atmosphere and terrifying enemies, Sons of the Forest promises to be a thrilling gaming experience for horror fans.


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