Full-time Master Complete Perfect Intensive Edition

“Don’t move, be honest!” The gun of a hundred flowers was raised again at once. Don’t be too arrogant. Who doesn’t? Jun Mo Xiao’s thousand machine umbrella was immediately picked up in the shape of a gun. Su Mu Orange’s Mu Yu Orange Wind is also particularly cooperative to follow, her heavy artillery, compared to the small gun in the hands of a hundred flowers, I do not know how much power. It looks like a big threat. Everyone looked around to see if there was anything on the wall beside them. Zhang Xinjie didn’t pay attention to the noise at all. So Zhang Jiale also turned to look at his side, bang, gun, Jun Mo Xiao actually opened fire! “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it went off!” Ye Xiu’s voice rang as fast as the gun. Is there a misfire in the game? Of course not. Zhang Jiale was angry. He had already touched a grenade and came out. Come on, come on, you can’t let it go off. Ye Xiu hurriedly advised. There seems to be something here. Lin Jingyan’s voice finally completely attracted everyone’s attention. Oh, it doesn’t seem to work. Lin Jingyan said. How do you know? Ye Xiu asked. Because I’ve already broken it. Lin Jingyan’s hooligan fist was pulled out from the wall. The weapon is a claw, just a claw up, prick his discovery, but also the hand stuck there. “There seems to be nothing here.” Su Mucheng said. There was silence. If nothing else, they’re stuck here like this? “Try blasting away these two huge stones.” Han Wenqing, captain of Batu, finally expressed his views. Overbearing. Ye Xiu sent a thumbs-up expression. Punch! Han Wenqing was a man of action, and as soon as he finished speaking, his desert smoke had already hit the boulder on the left side sealed behind them with a punch, trying to make the boulder roll away a little in reverse after being stressed. But when the punch went up, the boulder did not move. Collapse Fist! Han Wenqing’s will did not move at all, and the desert smoke was followed by a series of attacks, while the boulder remained motionless. Overlord Fist! A very fierce attack from the boxing master is coming, which seems to be exactly the same as the straight punch of the ordinary attack, but it would be a big mistake to misunderstand that the power of this blow is also like the straight punch of the ordinary attack. Overlord Fist! At the same time, a figure flashed to the side of the desert smoke. Jun Mo Xiao, after a Xu Li’s falling flower palm, and the desert smoke’s overlord fist hit the boulder at the same time. At this point, the boulder finally shook, as if there were signs of a slight separation from its partner. However, it is not enough. The lonely smoke in the desert clenched his fists and shook his body. Boxer Lv75 Status Skill: Inch Strength. Shorten the distance of strength and improve the high-end state of boxing speed. Under this condition, the desert solitary smoke has hit the boxing law family’s ultra strong combo, 70 levels of big moves “the dragon and tiger dance in disorder”. In an instant, Jumping castle with slide , the shadow of the fist and the shadow of the leg flashed into one piece, and the sound of hitting the boulder continued. The boulder continued to show signs of shaking, and there were more signs of division. Xiao Tang Ye Xiu said hello. Here it comes! Tang Rou answered, the cold smoke Rou Zhan spear shook, Fu Long Xiang Tian! Fu Long Xiang Tian of the Battle Mage has a very powerful push away effect. At this time, he was blasted to the boulder by the cold smoke at a very close distance. Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao could not contribute such a big move, but he was still Xu Li’s falling flower palm, increasing the thrust. Fu Longxiang on the sky, the boulder was not easily pushed away, but the cold smoke soft himself was pushed back by the reaction force. Zhang Jiale’s Shi Buzhuan immediately stood behind her. Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Su Mucheng.. The roles of each person quickly overlap, giving the support of the cold smoke. Boom! The boulder finally moved, in the opposite direction, turned out a somersault, and finally there was a gap between the two boulders. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief. Hit me with a lot of blood. Lin Jingyan looked at his role, just now they bravely went to the cold smoke soft as a meat pad, there are injuries. Zhang Xinjie lost a few treatments, and then looked at Xingxin here, without treatment. The characters of Ye Xiu and Han Wenqing had already walked into the space between the two stones to observe the next step. Do you keep pushing like this? Someone said. There’s a little space up there to see if you can get through. Ye Xiu observed and said. The boulders do not completely fill the passage, and there is still plenty of room for them to roll freely. The upper part, especially the two corners, seems to be enough for a character to drill through. Let’s go this way. Ye Xiu pointed to where they came from. Let’s go this way. “Han Wenqing faced their way.” I hope I don’t see you again. “The same.” Han Wenqing said. All right, let’s hurry up and be careful of these crafty people behind them. Speed, speed. Ye Xiu greeted the team. Chapter 1108 Ghost King Chamber of Secrets fragments. The two teams of characters went to one side and soon passed through the top space, separated by two boulders. There was no real conflict between the two families until it was completely clear what was going on in the nest of ghosts. But in the bottom of my heart, after all, I am still looking forward to the other side of this turn out immediately to a huge stone and then clip flat. But it’s a pity that people on both sides were disappointed in the end. They climbed over the boulder and the passage was smooth all the way. After walking along the old road, the underground city finally became more and more spacious. This seems to be a tomb. Xingxin five people walked to the end of their passage, a square and spacious room, repaired quite neatly. Underground.. There seems to be no reason for it to be any other building except the tomb. As soon as the voice fell, the middle of the tomb suddenly began to rattle, and a sarcophagus slowly rose from the ground. Uh? Is this BOSS to be refreshed? Ye Xiu said. The ghost king? “So easy?”? It took no effort to get it! Ye Xiu said that the five Xingxin people had already stood in their respective positions. Find out the other side’s routine first and then launch an offensive. There is no full-time treatment. We should be more careful. Ye Xiulue reminds. From the overall mode of activity, the hundred ghosts attack the strong and defend the weak, after finding their weaknesses, it is easy to deal with, but before that, it is still quite difficult to deal with. Think of algae monster,inflatable water slide, BOSS, how to have that level of attack, right? That’s the extent of a direct second kill at any time. joyshineinflatables.com


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