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The wedding ceremony in the underworld is somewhat different from that in the world. For example, the bridegroom should first lift the bride’s veil, reveal the pearl curtain under the crown, then worship the hall, and then lift the pearl curtain when he returns to the bridal chamber. It took Shaoqing nearly a morning to get the job of lifting the veil from his father, but in exchange, he could only walk behind me, Yan Ji and Bian before approaching the auditorium. The little prince had to follow the impermanence and the coquettish fox, which was quite miserable. Xie Bian sniffed at this, saying that it was a present newspaper. I know a lot of people came this day, but because of the hijab, I can only see other people’s shoes from the bottom of the hijab from the beginning of entering the auditorium. Fortunately, the big wedding arranged by my father was not complicated at all. Before lifting the veil, all I needed to do was left Bian and right Yan Ji, followed by Shaoqing all the way to the front of the high hall. Walking all the way on the red blanket, the ghosts next to him were talking, almost all saying that the bridegroom must be handsome and the bride must be beautiful. Finally, after the VIP seat, two voices came from the front: “Thank you, King Yang. Your Majesty said, I can’t do anything. I can still see the fighting and killing on the battlefield.”. After that, he had to learn from Yang Wang and learn the way of being a man. “The governor is too polite.”. Your majesty sits in the court every day to manage the government is extremely bothersome, I wait for the minister to work but each settle down their duties, really do not talk about what is the way of man. I couldn’t help pausing when I heard the sound behind me. But standing beside Yan Ji and Xie Bian, there is no way to turn around,Small Geared Motors, can only try to slow down, looking at the ground parked or walking a pair of shoes. Finally, after a few more steps, I saw a pair of familiar black boots. “Look, King Yang, the bride is here,” said the governor. The owner of the boots paused for a long time before saying slowly, “… …” Yes I went to the innermost part with Bi An and Yan Ji to wait for the worship hall. I whispered, “Who are the outermost guests standing on our left?” “King Du,brushless gear motor, the Southern Ghost Emperor, King Zhou, the Central Ghost Emperor, Governor Wu of Fengdu, King Yang, the Northern Ghost Emperor..” said Xie Bian. “That Yang Wang.” What’s your name? Perhaps my voice was a little strange, and Xie Bi settled down for a moment. Before he could answer, the ghost host in front of him shouted, “Please lift the bridegroom’s veil.” Xie Bian and Yan Ji retreated to the rear, and Tang Shaoqing came forward. As the golden pole lifted the red veil, I finally gradually saw the surrounding environment. In the middle of countless well-dressed middle-aged and old Yin ministers and emperors, there was a young man with a diamond-shaped mark on his forehead and a black robe. He had been talking to the governor next to him, and at the same time as Shaoqing lifted his veil, he cast an unfamiliar look at me. The moment I looked at him, the past of thousands of kinds of hatred and love was vivid in my mind. This is probably the worst reunion ever. Shaoqing may have expected this situation, but he looked at me quietly and did not speak. I knew I shouldn’t look at that man again at this time, but I couldn’t help it. As always, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Gear Reduction Motor, I can not read his eyes, can only quickly turn his head, looking at the line of sight has been blurred Shaoqing. Shaoqing put down the red veil and the golden pole, and thunderous applause came from the whole hall. I suddenly remembered that when I married that man at the age of sixteen, I was wearing the same red wedding dress, and there was such warm applause around me. The black-robed man looked at me and Shaoqing for a moment and finally applauded with everyone. He had probably forgotten the auspicious day and red makeup of that year. It was not the first time to get married, so there was no longing and tension for the first time, and this time it was even more ridiculous to worship three people at the same time. Although I don’t feel much about the three people, I have to say that Torre’s vision is good. Like me, they were dressed in bright red wedding clothes, but their styles and hairstyles were different, and they looked different. Shaoqing tied all her hair back, revealing her whole young and handsome face, which could be described as heroic and elegant. Xie Bian tied the hair on his temples at the back of his head, and the rest of his hair was naturally scattered on his shoulders, gently wearing a light fur coat, which was quite elegant and elegant; Because Yan Ji has a head of silver hair that can shine, she looks more like a male flower in red. According to the convention of the underworld, among the husbands who get married at the same time, the first one who should consummate the marriage with me should be the husband. That is to say, it is a coquettish fox. But in the front hall of the bedroom, he and Shaoqing fought like fried dough twists against grass ropes. You monster, stay away from my wife, or this prince will make you suffer tonight! “Oh?” Yan Ji originally looked tired, but when she heard Shaoqing say this, she was full of energy in an instant, and her eyes slanted up. “Although the lady’s white teeth and star eyes are quite pleasing to me, it’s obvious that you and Wuchang Ye seem to be more attractive.” “Comparing my wife with a man!”! You, you are depicting salt-free, Tangtu Xizi! Yan Ji lived at home these days, he has been very fond of bullying Shaoqing, and hate to bully Shaoqing Xie Bian, so often with Shaoqing alliance to deal with Bian. But Shaoqing from the bone can not accept a broken sleeve sticky, very despise Yan Ji, and because of the deep feeling of the threat of impermanence, had to stand aside with Yan Ji. As a result, it was not easy for the two men to fall out, and Wuchang naturally sat happily drinking tea, dressed in a bright red wedding dress that did not seem to be on him. If you don’t understand the beauty of male sex, no wonder you hate the afterlife. However, even women are not unacceptable to me. Come on, lady, let’s go to the bridal chamber. Yan Ji turned her head, fanned her long eyelashes, and held out her hand to me. I pulled my hand back like a plague, and Shaoqing immediately stood in front of me to protect me. “See, Mei Niang hates you.”. Marriage is just an expedient measure for my father-in-law to test the sincerity of Mei Niang and me. In the end, you’re both going to be out. So, back off. Shaoqing waved his hand, and Bian, who was sitting beside him, raised his eyebrows from behind the lid of the tea and continued to drink tea. What are you going to do with me and Master Wuchang when you’re out? I saw that Shaoqing and Yan Ji could not compete for a while, so they simply strolled back to the new house to rest. Looking at the room full of festive red, I suddenly thought of a man surnamed Hua. At that time,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, the wedding invitation was sent out, presumably he also received it, but this night he still did not come.


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