How Does FreeSWITCH Make a Scalable Solution?

SIP to SIP calling is gradually becoming a necessity in a majority of businesses. This gives open opportunities to VoIP development companies andFreeSWITCH based smart telephony platform providers to launch high performing communication solutions that can reduce the cost of communication. Along with reducing the cost per call, one of the necessities businesses face is making them scalable. FreeSWITCH development helps make businesses more scalable than any other VoIP development technologies. 

Whether you develop a calling card platform, VoIP billing software, or class 4 Softswitch solution, FreeSWITCH is the best platform to build the solution. Along with delivering all major benefits of VoIP telephony platforms, the FreeSWITCH based platforms also deliver exceptional scalability benefits. Let’s explore how it happens. 

 Reduced hardware requirement 

FreeSWITCH is a modular platform with a highly modular architecture. It can be used to build any type of software and can provide excellent features without adding too many bulky hardware equipment pieces. In the modern world, you can also use cloud platforms to completely eliminate hardware requirements. This contributes to leveraging high scalability. 

Support multiple types of media :-

FreeSWITCH development can be used to build any software consisting of multiple types of media such as voice, media, text, and more. Even if you have started with a platform that has a simple voice calling feature with an IP based system, later on, that can be converted into a FreeSWITCH based smart telephony platformthat supports all types of media and communication in the software. This can be a great boon for consumers and VoIP development companies as the software capacity can be scaled up easily. 

Cluster model 

For any business, failover and recovery along with a high service level agreement for uptime have to be in place in a reliable manner. The cluster model can help businesses achieve this with ease. FreeSWITCH platform supports different types of architecture and hosting models with the cluster setup. Cluster setup often makes the software more scalable and reliable. In case of disaster recovery, the FreeSWITCH solution can be scaled up faster than any other software. 

The best company that has expertise in FreeSWITCH and cluster architecture can help businesses achieve the most scalable business software setup. This can deliver exceptional performance during normal circumstances and even during high tension environments with peak hours. 

Excellent software capacity 

The VoIP billing software or any other solution can deliver way higher performance than any other software if it is developed with FreeSWITCH with the same hardware or hosting model. For example, if with traditional VoIP development technology, you can achieve 250 concurrent calls, then with FreeSWITCH based solution development of a calling card platform, you can achieve 500 concurrent calls per second. This makes it a highly scalable solution. With an extension in the software capacity and other relevant infrastructural elements, you can scale up the capacity. 

Concluding notes 

FreeSWITCH is not just an open source telephony platform, but it is a telephony stack. This stack helps in transforming the communication of a business digitally using a modular architecture, multi tenancy support, capacity to handle large volumes of calls, excellent compatibility, and similar characteristics. 

Companies that know how to build the most scalable solutions can take complete advantage of this platform to build scalable solutions and businesses. A company may start with a few concurrent calls, one or more communication channels, and a platform with a single language and currency, but then it can be converted into multiple concurrent calls, added communication channels, multiple languages, and currency support. 

Class 4 Softswitch is one of the VoIP solutions that is preferably developed using FreeSWITCH due to scalability and robustness offered by FreeSWITCH. The most intricateFreeSWITCH based smart telephony platform can be developed using FreeSWITCH and a business can grow in omni-direction. 


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