Maximum number of passengers on Delta Airlines Group Booking

Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the world and hosts millions of passengers every year. Delta offers group bookings to accommodate large groups of travelers. Group bookings offer a convenient way to travel with friends, family, or corporate teams. Delta has guidelines that limit the number of passengers allowed on a group booking. We will be discussing the details of Delta Airlines group reservations and answering the question “What is Delta Airlines’ maximum number of passengers for a group booking?”


Understanding Delta Airlines Group Booking


Bookings for groups of 10 or more people traveling together are usually possible. Delta Airlines offers group bookings both for domestic and international travel. The guidelines and policies for group bookings differ depending on where you are going and how many people are traveling with you.


You must complete a group request form to book a Delta Airlines group flight. You must fill out the form with details about your travel plans. This includes information such as travel dates and destination. The Delta Group Department will review and give you a quote on your travel itinerary.


Maximum number of passengers on Delta Airlines Group Booking


Delta Airlines has different maximum passengers limits for group bookings, depending on where they are flying. The maximum number of passengers on a Delta Airlines group reservation is 300.


Delta Airlines offers group bookings up to 300 passengers for domestic flights on Boeing 747 or 757 aircraft. Group bookings for international flights are permitted up to 300 passengers on the Boeing 747, 757 and Airbus A330 aircraft.


It is important to remember that these limits can vary depending on destination and availability. Delta Airlines reserves all rights to change the maximum number of passengers for group bookings at their discretion.


Delta Airlines Group Booking


Delta Airlines offers many benefits for group bookings, including a more convenient and comfortable travel experience. Delta Airlines Group Travel offers several benefits for group bookings, including:


Delta Airlines provides dedicated support for group reservations. You can reach the support team 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

Flexible payment options: Delta Airlines offers flexible payment arrangements for group bookings. This includes payment plans and individual payments.

Delta Airlines offers group seating. This guarantees that all members of your group will be seated together in the same plane.

Delta Airlines offers group fares at special rates that are not offered for individual bookings.



Because of its extensive network and easy travel options, Delta Airlines is a popular choice when booking group flights. A Delta Airlines group booking can accommodate 300 passengers. However, this number may be reduced depending on where the passengers are going and what is available. Delta Airlines is a trusted airline that can provide a stress-free and smooth travel experience for groups.




How many passengers are required to book a Delta Airlines group flight?


Delta Airlines group bookings can be made for up to 10 passengers travelling together.

Delta Airlines allows you to book group reservations online.


You must fill out a request form for a group booking with Delta Airlines.

What is the cost of booking a Delta Airlines group flight?


Delta Airlines’ group bookings cost vary depending on where you are going, when you travel, and how many passengers are traveling.

What happens if my Delta Airlines group reservation needs to be changed?


Delta Airlines allows you to make changes to group reservations, but there may be additional charges.

Is there any restriction on the baggage allowances of Delta Airlines group bookings


Delta Airlines allows you to carry the same luggage


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