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“It’s too perverted.” Long Xiao looked at the front of the five magic skeleton soldiers swept all the way past, dead and there will be new recruits to add. It doesn’t take much effort on your own side. Long Qing leaned close to Long Fei’s ear and said, “Boss, you are so powerful that you can even find such a strong person.”. It won’t take much time for the boss to unify the world for thousands of years. “Of course, don’t you look at the boss who I am?” Long Fei’s tail went up to the sky, as if he was the one who commanded the five magic skeleton soldiers to be invincible. Hey, you are the legend in our hearts, the great Oriental Invincible. “Do you want to die? How dare you say I am Asia the Invincible?”. Do you want me to show you what a man is? Long Fei gnashed his teeth and looked at Long Qing. Long Qing shivered and said, “I’d better not.”. You are a man’s man. ~ ~ I just finished the exam this afternoon, and tomorrow there will be 555. I hate exams. All my friends stopped watching, and I was the only one who was still watching. Let’s give more support. I will speed up after July 2, and now I can only write two chapters a day. Online game prehistoric magic weapon volume 2 Xuanyuan ancient tomb chapter 44 in those days brave Updated: September 5, 2008 15:46:48 Words in this Chapter: 2047 On the way, the system automatically deducted Xiao Han’s ninety gold coins, and the formula of Sun and Moon Essence Dan was auctioned off. Unexpectedly,large inflatable water slide, no one robbed him, Xiao Han was very happy, and there was another commodity in the shop. There are five skeleton soldiers in front to clear the way, the team’s March is very easy, just a few legal professions put spells to speed up the process is enough, even the meat shield profession is not needed. Long Fei and Long Yun sighed that they had been abandoned. And Xiaoyue has been pestering Xiao Han to tell him the love story between him and Xiaodie,Inflatable water park factory, and put a few arrows out of the blue when he meets the monster. Xiao Han found that Xiaoyue was more difficult to deal with than those monsters. Xiao Han kept silent all the time, which made Xiaoyue so angry that she could only go to Xiaodie. A group of eight men rushed all the way to the edge of the first floor, and the entrance to the second floor was not far away. Brother, there is a BOSS monster who demonizes skeletons ahead, and there are dozens of small soldiers around. Let’s recover here first. Long Fei suggested. Yeah, boss, we’re running out of steam. Sit down and recover. Long Qing echoed Long Fei’s proposal. Xiao Han couldn’t help laughing. “Boss?” When did you have this nickname? “We call you Big Brother, and Big Brother calls you Big Brother, so of course we call you Old Boss.” Long Qing took it for granted. Xiao Han was confused by this tongue twister: “You’d better call me Xiao Han.” “No, how can that be?” Long Qing firmly refused. Xiao Han has no choice but to call them whatever they want. Xiao Han sat and chatted with them for a while, and then he became familiar with them. This team was formed by Long Fei when he was playing the world. The world open beta three years, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, Tianlong Gang in the inside is not a small gang. Because of the good income inside, Longfei’s father promised to give him 20 million yuan to develop in the flood and famine. In view of the good popularity accumulated in the world before, Tianlong Gang has developed to the present scale. If this is not the case, let alone 20 million, it will not be able to develop even if it is ten times more. This team is one of the elite teams of Tianlong Gang, in which six people are professional players except Longfei and Xiaoyue, who are the children of an aristocratic family. They usually work for Longfei and earn extra money. Everyone has a good income, which is also a high income in the professional player group. Long Qing is an active young man, and every time he and Long Fei talk the most. The other three people, Long Yun, Long Yin and Long Xiao, are all very simple young people. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Long Fei’s friends are all pretty good. Three people are more honest, not many words, but not as silent as Xiao Han, can get along very well. Brother Xiao, how did you get your resurrection? Long Yun asked curiously. Because Xiao Han is the oldest here, several other people call Xiao Han the eldest brother. “It’s nothing,” said Xiao Han lightly. “I accidentally broke into a ruin and then accepted the exclusive task of a dark wizard. I went to a place and asked to kill a thousand demon guards, where I accidentally hit a resurrection book. ” “Is it the ruins of the immortal?” Long Xiao on one side could not help but interrupt. Why, you know? “Not only know ah, the Internet is almost noisy.”. Heard that the first stage is to walk 18 layers of hell, many people were scared to wet their pants, directly sent back. Others walked through the hell of Youluo and entered a place called Jiexianshajing, demanding to kill a thousand demon guards in seven days. And those demon guards are still a group of 25. It’s not human work at all. A lot of people were hung out, and all those who failed dropped five levels. Long Xiao felt the same way about the victims. It was level five. How could he not feel heartache when the level he had worked so hard to rise was gone? Hiss! That’s too much punishment. The rest gasped. However, as long as the people who completed the first phase of the task were awarded a skill. And it’s a wizard’s control skill, even though many people have dropped five levels, they think it’s worth it. Long Xiao took a look at Xiao Han, “Brother Xiao won’t finish the task, will he?” Everyone cast their eyes on Xiao Han. Xiao Han nodded lightly: “It’s just good luck.” If it wasn’t for the skill book, I’m afraid this task wouldn’t be done at all. That is to say, this skill book is a part of the task. If the people who go in rush blindly to fight with twenty-five demon guards, it is simply a death wish. Only then did Xiao Han figure out the joints. Monster They all said in unison, and when they found that others had the same idea as themselves, they all laughed out loud. I don’t know what the task behind is. Long Yun couldn’t help asking. Yes,Inflatable outdoor park, uncle, tell us about it. Xiaoyue’s face is curious about the baby’s lovely appearance. Even if Xiao Han is so indifferent, he can’t stand her lovely attack.


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