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PEARLZYME is a proteolytic enzyme livestock feed manufacturer that enhances feed efficiency, provides a range of health benefits, and increases survival rate. 

They strive to improve animal health and human well-being by providing natural feed additives that consider an animal’s wellbeing and use natural solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics while also increasing immunity to infection. To accomplish this, Pearlzyme creates high-performance non-medicated bio-solutions for animals such as milk cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, and others using animal-focused formulas based on Pearlzyme’s extremozyme. 

Pearlzyme Proteolytic Enzyme 

Enzymes are becoming increasingly popular among livestock producers due to their ability to improve animal performance and reduce nutritional variation in raw materials. Protein digestibility can be improved by protease enzymes in particular. 

The Pearlzyme-RUMI Effect

Ø  Pearlzyme has excellent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties for general care and inflammation in livestock.

Ø  Pearlzyme’s excellent GI track stability on ruminants with extreme action

Ø  Decrease somatic cells by mixing with 5 core minerals with extremozyme

Ø  Reduce somatic cells with stability while increasing milking and quantity 

Specification for Pearlzyme-RUMI

Ø  Package: 10kg/bag

Ø  Dosage: Mix 30~40g per head per day

Ø  Target animal: Dairy Cattle, Breeding Cattle 

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