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“How can that work?” Lei Zhanjun frowned and said, “a man can bend and stretch, but once he bends, he must find a chance to stretch back!”! You can’t bend without stretching. It’s a coward. It’s not something a big man would do. Although you’re still young, you can’t lose your face, even your father’s face. If you lose face, you must get it back! That’s a man’s way of doing things! Chapter 35 for the face of the whole family. Lei Zhanjun’s words let Zhang Wenhao slightly stupefied, if in the past, he did not care about the word “face”, at the beginning, jjng took himself away in front of the teachers and students of the whole school, he did not feel that he had lost face, and now he was said by Lei Zhanjun, Zhang Wenhao suddenly understood. This face is not only their own face, but also the face of their parents. The teachers and students of the whole school watched as they were taken away by the jjng inspector and spread the word, which not only ruined their reputation, but most importantly, made their parents unable to stand up in front of others. Everyone knew that his son had been arrested by the jjng inspector in the detention center because he had broken the law, but how many people were concerned about whether there was anything hidden in it? People who are impetuous and willing to watch others suffer do not delve into the truth of the matter at all. All their efforts are aimed at superficial phenomena. Zhang Wenhao can imagine, these days when parents in and out of the community will be what kind of scene, whenever they pass by,Inflatable 5k obstacle, their neighbors, their colleagues are afraid to point behind them, look on coldly, and say some schadenfreude and unbearable words, in this society, the winner needs the foil of the loser, the loser needs the foil of the loser even more. And because of their own imprisonment,inflatable bounce house with slide, so in the eyes of everyone, they are the most unsuccessful one, which is related to the face of their parents, their parents’backs, in any case, they must let their parents stand up to be a man, never let their parents because of themselves, and be stabbed in the spine by idlers! Song Huafang said softly with an embarrassed expression at this time: “Wenhao’s school announced the punishment result yesterday, saying that Wenhao had been expelled from school.” “I’ll give him courage!” As soon as Lei Zhanjun was angry, he pounded the table and scolded: “The leaders of these schools are simply the most disgusting flatterers in the world. In order to cater to that bastard Chen Ru, they dare to expel a student casually?” As he spoke, Lei Zhanjun said to Song Huafang, “Sister-in-law, you don’t have to take this to heart. I, Lei Zhanjun, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, promise me that I will not only let Wenhao go back to class next Monday, but also let him go back in style. I want everyone in the school to know that Wenhao is right. It’s Chen Ru who is wrong and the school leaders who are wrong!” As soon as the voice fell, Lei Zhanjun looked at Zhang Wenhao and said sternly, “Wen Hao, stand up!” Zhang Wenhao did not know what Lei Zhanjun was going to do, so he stood up hurriedly and looked at him doubtfully. Lei Zhanjun said very seriously: “Go back and prepare a speech for me. At the flag-raising ceremony next Monday, I want you to make the leaders of your school lose face in front of all the teachers and students of the school!”! Don’t give them any face! None of them dare to fart! Zhang Wenhao’s heart is also a burst of blood boiling, solemnly said: “Uncle Lei, I will not let my parents and you down!” “Remember!” Lei Zhanjun said word by word: “For the sake of the whole family’s face, and your own blood and dignity!” … At the same time, Chen Feng in the detention center was already furious! He was ordered to enter the detention center to protect and find out Zhang Wenhao, but he just came in for two or three days, Zhang Wenhao was taken out, which greatly exceeded his expectations with Qingwu. The original plan of Qingwu was to give himself at least 5-7 days to understand Zhang Wenhao’s temper, personality and personality as comprehensively as possible. Then Qingwu got Zhang Wenhao out of the detention center and settled both the public security and the school for Zhang Wenhao, but suddenly, the plan was completely out of order. Zhang Wenhao has gone, Chen Feng can’t wait to leave, but the tragedy is that Wang Liqing, the director of the detention center, was almost wet his pants by Lei Zhanjun. Lei Zhanjun took Zhang Wenhao’s front foot away, and he said goodbye to Chen Ru and Xing Jiaqiang. Then he rushed to a friend’s restaurant and went to drink to calm down. Chen Feng couldn’t find Wang Liqing, and no matter what he said, Jjng of the detention center did not want to call Wang Liqing for him, so the news that Zhang Wenhao had been taken away could not be sent to Qingwu at all. The helpless Chen Feng can only continue to stay in the detention center with poor conditions for one night, waiting for Wang Liqing to come the next day, and then let him release himself. Su Ruoran has been worried about Zhang Wenhao these days, just because her mother has promised to help, so Su Ruoran only worried about Zhang Wenhao’s suffering in the detention center, because in Su Ruoran’s view, her mother only needs a phone call to fix all the troubles for Zhang Wenhao. But in the past two or three days, I haven’t received any news from Zhang Wenhao, which makes Su Ruoran a little irritable. This night, Su Ruoran lay in bed tossing and turning. He really couldn’t bear it any more. He took his cell phone from the head of the bed and called his mother. Mom, didn’t you promise to help? Why is there no news that Zhang Wenhao has been released? The school has announced the results and expelled Zhang Wenhao! As soon as Su Ruoran came up, her tone was full of questioning and complaining. In her opinion, her mother was intentionally passive and slack. Otherwise, as early as the night when she first called for help, Zhang Wenhao should have come out of the detention center safely. The beautiful woman in Yanjing smiled on the other end of the phone and said lightly, “Girl, what’s your hurry?”? Now that mom has promised you, she will definitely rescue him, but not now, wait a few more days. Su Ruoran said anxiously, “But he is still suffering in the detention center!”! Why wait a few more days? The beautiful woman frowned slightly. From Su Ruoran’s anxious tone, she seemed to catch something. Then she opened her mouth and said,Inflatable outdoor park, “Ran Ran, I will do what my mother promised you. In a few days, I promise he will come out of the detention center intact.” 。


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