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What is Acne? Types, signs, symptoms and risk factors

What is Acne? The best acne specialists near you describe acne problem as one of the most common skin problems that has the tendency to turn chronic and results mainly when a hair follicle and its accompanying oil producing sebaceous gland become blocked with dead skin cells and oil, leading to the development of symptoms such as red, raised bumps on the skin. It mainly affects the face and forehead, but can also affect the chest, upper back, and shoulders.   What are the causes of acne? According to the best acne specialists nearby, the main reasons for the development of acne include excessive production of oil by the sebaceous glands, blockage of the base of the hair follicle with dead skin cells and the excess oil produced by the oil gland next to it, increased bacterial activity in the region, and the development of inflammation. The best skin specialists in Hyderabad for acne further explain that the blocked hair follicle may bulge out leading to the development of a whitehead, or it may remain open to the surface and present as a blackhead due to the darkening of the oil on exposure to air. Pimples and pustules develop when […] read more
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What is spirometry?

Spirometry (Spy-Ram-Uh-Tree) is a simple office test used to assess how well your lungs are working by measuring how much air you breathe, how much you breathe, and how fast you breathe.  Spirometry is used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other conditions that affect breathing. How to prepare for a spirometry test? You should not smoke for an hour before the spirometry test. You should avoid alcohol even that day. Eating too much of a meal can also affect your breathing ability. Don’t wear tight clothing that restricts your breathing. Your doctor may have instructions on whether to use inhalers or other options before the test. How a spirometry test is done? You sit in a chair and place the clip over your nose to close your nostrils. Then take a deep breath and inhale into a tube as fast and hard as you can. You need to wrap your lips tightly around the tube to get all the air in. Generally, the test is administered three times each time so that the results are the same. The tube is connected to a machine called a spirometer. It records how much air your lungs breathe and […] read more
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