TECHNOLOGY Freshdesk-Slack Integration with Thena: Convert Customer Messages into Freshdesk Tickets

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support tool designed for intelligent, omnichannel ticket management. Over 50,000 companies of different sizes and industries utilize Freshdesk to build a proactive customer support system.


While Freshdesk is a popular customer support software in the business-to-business (B2B) space, we know that the management of B2B customers now takes place in Slack. Slack is where real conversations happen, and Freshdesk is what your customer service agents use to serve them.


So, in this article, we’ll go over Freshdesk-Slack Integration with Thena and how easy it is to convert customer messages on Slack into Freshdesk tickets.


What Exactly Is Thena’s Freshdesk Integration?

Freshdesk-Slack integration by Thena enables you to link the two applications and synchronize their chats. Due to the integration’s bi-directional nature, neither your customer care employees nor your clients will need to switch platforms, thereby minimizing resolution times.


The integration also supports a multitude of different capabilities, including auto-detection of customer requests in Slack, ticket escalation, analytics, and trends.


Three Foolproof Benefits of Freshdesk-Slack Integration

If you want to narrow the communication gap between your support agents and customers, integrating Freshdesk with Slack is a logical step. But, if you are not convinced, here are three reasons why it is worthwhile to integrate Slack with Freshdesk using Thena.


Customers Don’t Want to Leave Slack


According to one study, 40% of customers expect companies to solve their problems in the channel of their choice. Since your customers are already on Slack, it makes sense to keep it that way, even when it comes to bugs and issues that you need to resolve.


Besides, Slack allows context-rich ticket resolution without wasting time establishing what’s gone wrong or who needs to take charge of the ticket. As a result, your agents can take immediate action and, in this way, improve customer experience and boost loyalty.


Native Integrations Lack Necessary Capabilities

Native integrations don’t work as well as we want them to, resulting in constant context switching and productivity losses. Thena’s Freshdesk integration not only allows you to overcome the limitations of native integrations but offers truly beneficial capabilities to take customer management to another level.


Scale Your B2B Customer Support With Ease

Do you have more than 20 Slack Connect channels with your customers? Then, your support team on Freshdesk needs a solution that scales.


Yes, you can add agents to individual channels, but this will quickly get messy. You can also ask customers to switch to Freshdesk, but this won’t work, as they enjoy talking to you on Slack. With Thena, you don’t need to do any of these!


Core Capabilities of Freshdesk-Slack Integration With Thena

Automatic Ticket Creation



Create Freshdesk ticket from Slack

Conversing between you and your customers should be seamless. Thus when a client asks a question, Slack creates a Freshdesk conversation with the click of a button. If you forget to create a ticket, the Smart Inbox feature ensures that the message is highlighted as a suggested request.


Better Control of the Entire Ticket Lifecycle


A fully functional Freshdesk-Slack integration is about empowering your agents with the right capabilities to manage tickets. Thanks to Thena’s Freshdesk integration, your customer support team can control the entire ticket lifecycle (for instance, Open > Pending > Close), escalate, tag colleagues, or share rich media — all on Freshdesk.


Meanwhile, the response shows up to your customers as a normal Slack conversation. 


Kanban Boards for Improved Visualization



All customer requests flow in Kanban

Thena also supports Kanban boards, making it easier to see and track conversations at the customer or organization levels.


CSAT Support Ratings to Get Your Customer Service Metrics in Check


You can’t improve your customer service if you don’t measure it — and Thena makes it simple to do so with another helpful feature known as CSAT support scores. So, if you need to solicit client feedback using Slack, Thena has you covered.


First-Class Configuration


Want to make the Freshdesk-Slack integration look your own? Thena offers unbeatable customization and configuration capabilities, including white-labeling and responding as a customer support agent. 


Colleague Tagging and Escalation


Handling tickets at speed can inch you ahead of your competition. With Thena’s Freshdesk integration, you can easily tag your colleagues or escalate requests for immediate resolution. Your customers can also leverage escalation features within Slack — the platform they like to stay and converse within.


Keep Your CSM Informed


Finally, if someone else creates the support ticket, Thena ensures that key stakeholders, such as your CSM, are tagged in the dialogue. Keeping your CSM in the loop is the best way to prevent custome


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