The Delicate Mussel Spirit of the Scientific Research Big Brother

The women around the two targets looked a lot, but they didn’t see the cyanine. On the third day, Zhuzhu still went out to help Liu Tianshi identify the woman. In the last few days, she has completely stopped caring about things on the Internet, and her mind is all on the matter of catching demons. Two days ago, the women around the two target men were almost identified, and there seemed to be no cyanine in their lives. Zhu Zhu breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and said suspiciously, “Are these really the only two born on August 8, 1988?” Liu Tianshi confirmed that there was no mistake in the information screening, and he was not in a hurry. He said to Zhuzhu: “It’s only a few days since Zhao Hanpeng committed suicide. She just got the last one. She probably hasn’t started the next step yet. We just keep a close eye on it.” Then he asked Zhuzhu, “Zhuzhu, when will you rest?” This is not decided, Zhuzhu told him, “can be long or short.” Liu Tianshi thought, “if you are busy, it doesn’t matter, we will look after the safety of these two people.”. When a new face appears, we will take a picture and send it to you, and you can find someone to identify it according to the picture when you have time. Zhuzhu nodded, “OK.” I followed him for a long time, but I still got nothing. Liu Tianshi was patient enough not to worry, and Zhuzhu said no more. Her heart is actually very contradictory,silk ficus tree, on the one hand, emotionally do not want to be caught cyanine, on the other hand, do not want to have innocent people killed. Although the next person will be alive, the soul will be squeezed out by the blue spell and let another person live in. It’s the same as being dead. After lunch, the target number one who was stared at entered the company and did not come out again. Zhuzhu disrelished the boredom, so she walked away and wandered around. I went to the convenience store and bought a bag of jelly beans and put them in my pocket. She avoided going to crowded places and tried to avoid being recognized by others. Strolling to a small park, there were few people in the afternoon, so he turned around and went in for a walk. Walking to a thick oak tree,faux ficus tree, I saw a brown bench and sat down to take off my mask and eat jelly beans. Eat until the tip of the tongue and the teeth are sweet. New URL 1ggd Live Update Eyes under the sunglasses, the view is all dark. When there were only three jelly beans left in the bag, the mobile phone on the body rang. Zhuzhu thought that Liu Tianshi was looking for her to go back and continue to identify the demon, but when she took it out, it was the mother of the well. This is an unusual person who needs to be respected. Zhuzhu picked up her cell phone and put it to her ear. “Hello, aunt,” she said. Jing’s mother doesn’t call Zhuzhu much, and every time she calls, she speaks in a soft voice. This time the opening is not, the voice seems to be a little worried, asked Zhuzhu: “Zhuzhu, you and Jing Heng together?” Jing Heng got up early in the morning to go to work, after Zhuzhu came out to meet Liu Tianshi. She put her ear to her cell phone and said, “No, what’s wrong?” Mother Jing’s voice was even more anxious. “Do you know where he went?” Zhuzhu also wondered, large palm trees for sale ,outdoor ficus tree, “I went to work in the morning.” Jing’s mother told her, “Academician An called me and said that he didn’t go to work at all today, and he didn’t ask for leave.”. Academician An had something to do with him, but no one answered the phone, so he found me here in a hurry. I asked Xiao You and called their college, saying I didn’t see Jing Heng. Zhuzhu pinched the package of the remaining three jelly beans in the palm of her hand. “Wait a minute.” Then she hung up the phone, hurriedly clicked on the call record, and called Jing Heng. No one answered the phone three times, which has never happened before. Jing Heng will answer the phone as long as he is not in the laboratory or busy with his work. Heart inexplicably raised a sense of foreboding, Zhuzhu stood up from the bench, helpless for a moment, turned out of the small park, while continuing to call Jing Heng. More than a dozen calls have been made, but no one has been connected. This is the most anxious, torturing people restless. He didn’t go to graduate school or school, so where else would he be? As Zhuzhu calmed herself down, she called Professor Wang again. Old Professor Wang had never seen him, and she played for the chess and card room. She looked like she was in a hurry to see a doctor. Jing Heng suddenly disappeared, and has been missing for half a day. Zhuzhu this will not be in the mood to help Liu Tianshi identify demons, call Liu Tianshi directly, tell him something at home to go first, go directly to drive away. She drove the car very fast all the way. When she got home, she asked Uncle Feng. Uncle Feng said that Jing Heng had not come back since he left in the morning. So she didn’t stay at home and drove directly to school. I didn’t find Jing Heng at school, so I went to the research Institute and then to the chess and card room. I found all the places I could find, but there was no trace of Jing Heng. Moreover, his mobile phone has been unanswered. Really can not find people, do not know what happened suddenly, Zhuzhu anxious to cry. Just when Zhuzhu was anxious to cry, Jing’s mother called her again and said to her, “Zhuzhu, come here quickly and find Jing Heng’s car.” Hearing the news, Zhuzhu was a little relieved, hung up the phone and went there according to the address sent by Jing’s mother. However, only to know, only to find Jing Heng’s car, in a very partial lake, no one in the car. His mobile phone was also left in the car, and there were countless missed calls on the lock screen. Jing’s mother looked anxious and restless. When she saw Zhuzhu, she grabbed her hand and said, “What’s going on?”? Aren’t you going to work? Why did you drive the car here? Where did Jing Heng go? Zhuzhu tried to hold back her panic. “Auntie, don’t worry.” The man in police uniform came over and said, “I’ve seen everything around, but I haven’t found anything strange. The car should have come by itself. As for where the people went, we’ll help find them together. You can go home and wait.”. Adult, it should be all right. Now in this situation, if you don’t go home, you can only go home. When Zhuzhu and Jing’s mother went home separately, they told each other that as long as Jing Heng came back, no matter which home he went back to, he must inform each other to make each other feel at ease. When Zhuzhu drove home,fake blossom tree, it was already dark, and Jing Heng did not come back. Aunt You cooked dinner at home, but she had no appetite at all.


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