The one the world wants, belongs to me.

Hundreds of pieces of A4 paper fell in the air like snowflakes. Ni Jingxi happened to have one on her desk. She looked down and saw a chat record and a photo. What the fuck Hua Zheng bit his hand sharply. Because when she saw this chat record, she was in a trance watching a vulgar and obscene little Huang Wen dialogue. Anyway, she was as disgusting as she wanted. The picture above is actually a nude self-portrait of Wu Mengni in front of the mirror. In the photo, her hands are pressed on her chest, her teeth are gently biting her lips, and she looks blurred and seductive. What the fuck Hua Zheng was shocked to leave only these two words. By this time, the yellow-haired girl had gained the upper hand. She pressed Wu Mengni on the table, and her collar was torn. While pulling, she scolded: “Little bitch, you are not coquettish and love to show. I will let you show enough now.” However, the woman was not arrogant for too long, because the security guard of the building came up quickly, and the male colleagues in the office reacted and came forward to help. The security guard wanted to expel them, but the yellow-haired woman was extremely arrogant, and several men in front of her were protecting them, so the security guard could not move them at all. The yellow-haired girl shouted, “Where is your leader? I want to ask the leader of your newspaper office whether the subordinates seduce other people’s husbands or not?” In the past, there were really a lot of people on the Internet who went to the small three company to make a scene,ultrasonic cutting machine, and their newspaper life group also interviewed a lot of these housework. But no one expected that one day the staff of their newspaper would become the protagonists. Besides, the news spread very fast upstairs and downstairs, and now there are many employees of other companies standing at the door watching the fun. The yellow-haired woman saw more and more people around her, but she didn’t care at all. Instead, she was happier because she was here to make a big deal today. You are all journalists and educated people. I, who have never been to school since childhood, can’t compare with you. You come to judge me,sonicator homogenizer, and this little bitch wants to persuade my husband to divorce and marry her. “Lao Niang accompanied him all the way to wholesale seafood and sell seafood. Now that he has money, these little bitches stick up one by one, not to mention, but also want to occupy Lao Niang’s position.” “Bah.” The woman did not shy away from spitting at Wu Mengni. In fact, several leaders of the newspaper are here today, and everyone knows what’s going on until now. But no one came out. It was so ***ing humiliating. Finally, the police came to the company and took the other party away. However, when the yellow-haired girl left, she took out a lot of documents, saying that her husband had bought something for Wu Mengni, which was worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. What people say is also taken for granted. Her husband spent their common property after marriage to buy things, and she wants to get it back reasonably. Well, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the police finally took Wu Mengni with them. After all, she did receive something from others, and the bracelet was still on her hand. After the police took the man away, the whole office area fell into a dead silence, not even the sound of tapping the keyboard. The crowd was still immersed in the farce and did not recover. It was not until Hua Zheng said in a low voice, “Jing Xi, your mouth has not been opened.” Ni Jing Xi: “… …” Tang Mian’s car was parked on the opposite side. He watched the yellow-haired girl go up and the police go up and bring everything down. Then he drove away and returned to the company. He tapped on the door twice before he pushed it in. Huo Shenyan, wearing only a suit vest and shirt, looked up and asked, “Is it all right?” Tang Mian nodded: “I did not follow up to see, but people were taken away by the police, the scene should be very exciting.” This matter is Huo Shenyan ordered Tang Mian to do, originally he just asked Tang Mian to ask Ni Jing Xi how in the newspaper office recently. After all, at the barbecue that day, she mentioned that the newspaper was in a bad mood. As a result, Tang Mian inquired about the result, which made his face sink immediately. When Wu Mengni was a mistress, it was also Tang Mian who investigated and reported to Huo Shenyan. Tang Mian looked carefully at his boss’s face and asked in a low voice: “General Manager Huo, are you going to..” Huo Shenyan bent his finger and touched the table lightly. “Go and help Mrs. Wang,” he said lightly. “Someone is staring at her position.” So, today’s show is on. The author has something to say: Brother Tong: Our brother Shenyan does not harm people, he is just a good man who acts bravely for a just cause!!! Chapter 12 Wu Mengni this thing is really too noisy, and the next day there is a video uploaded to the Internet. The main room beat the mistress, and the mistress was a reporter. Such a title alone is enough to attract people’s attention without the news department of UC. The topic immediately exploded, and the news quickly occupied the top ten hot searches on Weibo. Soon, Wu Mengni’s name was exposed by netizens, and her Weibo account was also found. She has never been a low-key person. How can Chanel and Cartier not show off? She gently picked up the white porcelain cup in the cafe. The four-diamond Cartier bracelet on her wrist was not only photographed, but also the Chanel bag placed beside the table. And there are many landmarks in her micro-blog, either the top restaurants in Shanghai, which are two or three thousand per capita, or five-star hotels. After netizens finished skinning, some people could not help feeling that through Wu Mengni’s micro-blog, they could know when she hooked up with the local tyrant, and even where they went to eat and where they went to bed in the hotel. Has the leading lady of your newspaper resigned? Tang Mi took a sip of the water in the cup and asked with a smile. Ni Jingxi did not speak, but Hua Zheng, who was sitting opposite, immediately said, “No.”. But she hasn’t come to work for a few days. Wu Mengni has not come to work since she followed the police to the police station to deal with the problem that day. I don’t know whether the leader is going to let her avoid the limelight or whether she feels ashamed and doesn’t want to come to the newspaper office. Tang Mi sighed with emotion: “Even in my circle of friends, there are people asking about it, because they know that your newspaper and our company are in the same building.” There are a lot of gossips in the entertainment circle. Hua Zheng sighed, “Don’t say anything. The people in our group have no face to look up these days.” Because of Ni Jingxi’s relationship,ultrasonic handheld welder, Tang Mi and Hua Zheng also know each other. They are both girls of the same age and have good personalities, so it is very easy to get familiar with each other. “It’s none of your business,” Tang Mi said strangely. 。


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