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For him, even if the woman took out all the tricks to flatter, he would not care. His practice is next to the’bitter bamboo ‘, even when crossing the plunder, the heart demon plunder can rarely affect him, how can he be afraid of flattery? When Su Jingwen saw Xiao Yi’s charm, she felt even more uncomfortable. She deliberately got close to him and said, “Let’s go.” Just as he was about to speak, he heard a cold voice. “No one can leave now. I’m closed outside, and no one can come in.” He was startled. It was only after the voice came out that he saw the man. It was obvious that the man’s cultivation was much higher than his, and then he saw the monk coming over. To be exact, there were two monks who came in. One monk only had a square face and thin eyes in the early days of the virtual God. When he saw the friar, he had a very familiar feeling. Another monk was dressed as a middle-aged scribe, but his cultivation made his eyes twitch. The monk, dressed as a middle-aged scribe, was already a nine-level cultivator, and his realm was only slightly lower than that of Ji. He remembered why he had a familiar feeling when he saw the monk with a square face and thin eyes. At that time,Marble Granite Price, when Tang Mengrao introduced Yi Yi to him, he used a square face and thin eyes. Combined with the middle-aged scribe next to the nine layers of the monk, where do not know who these two people are. It was obvious that the middle-aged scribe who had changed his nine-storey cultivation was Fan Fu of the Mochizuki Sect, and the young monk was Yi Yi. Understand the other side is Yi Yi, suddenly evil from the heart, this person killed Li Qishan, he said to kill Yi Yi for Li Qishan revenge,Artificial Marble Slabs, since sent to the door, don’t blame him impolite. What’s more, this Yi Yi also took the initiative to go to Feihai to destroy the’Moyue ‘. This fan Fu is capable, Yi Yi’s Dantian was destroyed by Ling Zhongtian, he can even find the elixir to repair it, this Mochizuki Zong’s capital is also strong than. Just don’t know this Yi Yi and fan Fu is what relationship, unexpectedly can get fan Fu so valued, not only with the best elixir to help him repair the Dantian, but also take him around. As soon as Fan Fu came in and said this, his eyes swept over it. The pressure on his body had swept through the whole hall, and even the monks of the tripod felt a little trembling. Door Lord. “” “Fan senior.” …… The monks inside basically all knew Fan Fu and came forward to greet him one after another, with a respectful and cautious manner and tone. As soon as Yi Yi came in, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, his eyes never left Su Jingwen and Xiao Yi, and his eyes came and went from Su Jingwen and Xiao Yi. Let Kui heart anger, if not afraid of Fan Fu, he has already started. But he also knew that although it was necessary to kill Yi Yi, he also had to ensure the safety of Jingwen, and he did not want Jingwen to suffer any harm. Fan Fu nodded and stared at the friar on the ninth floor of the tripod for a long time, until he saw the friar in a cold sweat, and then he swept his eyes to him. Just now, he and the woman beside him were the only two monks who did not salute him, which made him pay special attention and have some anger in his eyes. He looked at it for a long time, but he didn’t say much. Then he looked at the monks who had broken their necks by the monks on the ninth floor of the tripod. Then he said coldly, Who did this? Do you rely on your own cultivation to kill people indiscriminately? There are few senior monks in Beiwangzhou. If they all kill like this, will I be the only one to rely on when the beast tide comes again next time? When he said this, he had already fixed his eyes on him again, apparently thinking that the bodies on the ground were done by him. Because when he came in just now, only he did not salute himself, which should be a rebellious guy. These virtual monks must have offended him and provoked his murder. When he saw Fan Fu looking at him, he had the same sneer in his heart. How could he not know that Fan Fu wanted to make trouble for himself, but he was not afraid at all. Kui was right. Fan Fu really wanted to operate on him. Just as Fan Fu wanted to continue asking, his eyes suddenly saw the seven light balls inside. When he saw what was inside the light balls, his eyes suddenly showed extreme surprise and disbelief. (Fifth! …… Chapter 1267 fairy crystal (Thanks to Dao’s Road Fluttering Red and Bachelor of Reconciliation’s reward and ticket delivery!)! Thank you Acura Zhenqi and Tianji Gongfa are all right, and there is even a’Zhenluodan ‘that makes him unable to breathe. Followed by Sky Fire, Immortal Skill, Immortal Ware.. Is this a shime relic? Fan Fu is not unable to breathe now, his breathing began to thick up. He was even sure that all the things in Beiwangzhou were not worth one tenth of what they were here. But these good things were met by him. “” The chapters of the novel are updated the fastest. And the things in these light balls are more precious than one, and the more precious they are, the more precious they are. When Fan Fu looked at the shihou of the seventh ball of light, his eyes suddenly froze. According to this arrangement, these things should be more and more precious, because the inside of the seventh ball of light is empty? He subconsciously looked back to find someone to ask, but when he saw the rest of the people staring at him, he immediately knew that he had just gone too far. Then he coughed, and then tried to pretend to be indifferent and looked at the man of zhouw zhouwéi. Then he said, “There is nothing in the seventh ball of light for shime?” Fan Fu was indifferent because he knew that since he had come, everything inside was his, and no one could take it away. So he figured out the rest of the things first, and the reason why he was sure that everything in the hall was his was because who else in Beiwangzhou dared to rob things in front of him? The monk on the ninth floor of the tripod and Zhou Yushuang’s master were very gloomy at the moment. They did not expect that Fan Fu, one of the three giants of Beiwangzhou, would come here. As soon as Fan Fu came, how could they have a share of the things here? Even if Fan Fu doesn’t eat alone,Slate Wall Panel, at most two of them will share one of the best real utensils. Once the fans eat alone, even if they are killed, no one can do anything.


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