The ultimate guide to choose a right gaming headset


Gaming Headset Manufacturers have given us a plethora of options, but not all of them are worth spending money on.

With latest advancements in technology, gaming has become more engaging than ever! From 3D graphics to high quality sound, gamers can experience their favorite games in a way that they have never experienced before. To get the most surreal experience has to provide, it’s important to choose the best equipment. This is particularly important when it comes to choosing the best gaming headset.Technology has given us an abundance of options, but not all of them are worth spending money on.

We have provided you with a list of major and essential factors you should ask to ensure you’re spending your money wisely. As soon as you finish reading this blog, you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for in a gaming headset. Here are some things you should consider before buying a gaming headset if you want to level up your game.


Sound Quality


You should always place sound quality at the top of your priority list when choosing the best gaming headset online in Dubai. The sounds from your video game should not sound like they are coming from an ancient tin-can radio.


It’s therefore advisable to listen to them first before choosing a gaming headset from a gaming headset manufacturer in Armenia. You will be confident that the sound profile delivered by it is what you want. It’s crucial to try out the headphones on gaming sounds, even if you choose premium brands like Hezire.


Head and Ear Fit


Gaming consoles can keep gamers occupied for hours at a time. In other words, you should also be comfortable wearing your gaming headset. Having a head or neck strain after gaming might be the result of having a tight or heavy headset. For this reason, it’s critical that you try on the headset before making a decision. The last thing anyone wants after a tiring match are aches and pains.


When wearing headphones, you should also pay attention to how they feel. Those that are too tight or too hot probably aren’t for you. As you will always be adjusting your headset, you will not be able to focus 100% on the game if you wear a headset that is uncomfortable.


Connection: Wired or Wireless


It is important to select a connection type that is suitable for you. The benefits and drawbacks of wired and wireless connections are similar. Picking the right connection can hugely affect your gaming lifestyle. Let’s explore the different types of connections. Gaming headsets that are wired are recommended by the most dedicated gamers. That’s because these devices have zero latency, which is crucial for split-second decisions you make in gaming. An ambush can be set up by listening to the footsteps of your opponents approaching. It is possible, however, to be caught out in the open if your headset has poor latency.


A disadvantage of old wireless standards is their poor latency, which can cause confusion. Despite seeing yourself fire your weapon, you won’t hear the shot for a split second after you have fired it. When playing fast-paced games like FPS, this slight delay can cause quite a few difficulties.


Gaming still has a place for wireless headsets. Wireless headsets may be better suited for people who are frequently on the go or who want to use their headsets for other purposes, such as listening to music or watching movies.




Be sure to check the wireless standard of your headset before purchasing if you decide to buy a wireless headset. To avoid latency, make sure it runs Bluetooth 5.0 or higher. In a perfect world, it would run the latest Bluetooth version.


Some models also offer an alternative, proprietary wireless transmission. Instead of Bluetooth technology, it uses radio signals similar to those of a wireless mouse. With these headsets, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless technology while experiencing near-zero latency. The only downside to this is that these devices tend to be expensive.


Battery Life


Another issue wireless headsets have to deal with is battery life. If you play for hours, your headset needs the same stamina as you. Most headsets have 20–30 hours of battery life, but it’s good to check it out for yourself to know what you’re doing.


Battery life aside, you also need a wireless gaming headset that you can physically connect to. Even if the juice runs out, you can still play. You should look for something that can be quickly replenished during lunch or dinner.

 Noise Isolation

 Known as noise isolation as well as, passive noise isolation, is a term which describes headsets which block any distracting sounds from surroundings with their internal and external design. A common trait among gaming headsets with good isolation properties is a closed back and tight fit, especially around the ear cups and headbands, as both help secure the seal and isolate ambient sounds.


As for ANC, it’s a term used for technology that actively filters out background noise for clearer and better audio quality.


Build Quality


Gaming headsets are subject to wear and tear. That’s because they’re used for hours on end, often with nothing more than small breaks in between. It’s even more so if you consider the times you’ll wear them outside of the game, as well as feeling frustrated while gaming.


Good build quality also means more comfortable materials and added design features specifically to make the headset more suitable for long hours of gaming.


Therefore, investing in a gaming headset made from quality materials will provide a longer life as well as greater comfort and fit to minimize possible complications, such as pain in the nec, ears, skin rashes, and hearing damage.



Get Your Game On


Sound and music are half the experience in any game. That’s why game developers invest in engineering and sound design excellence so they can deliver immersive gaming experiences.

So if you are looking to get the most out of your gaming console and your favorite titles, then you should invest in a decent gaming headset. These tips should have helped you; good game!


As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to gaming headsets, but the price isn’t everything. To make sure you choose the right gaming headset, you must do your research. Be careful not to fall into the number trap when viewing the product data sheet. Most of the time, they are designed to fool. Rather, try to think critically by considering the factors mentioned to select the right gaming headset out there for you.


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