Treasure Flag and Jade Flute-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

Duan Binjun’s eyes flashed slightly. He glanced at the three demons and looked at the nameless one with a slight smile. He said, “The Seven Demons of White Bones have been running amuck in Jianghu all their lives. Although they have done a lot of evil, two of them have died and two of them have been wounded tonight. It’s enough to make them alert. I think it’s not easy for them to become famous. Let them repent and turn over a new leaf. Let them go.” Although Nameless grew up in an environment that caused him to have a cold, arrogant, and ruthless disposition, he was not by nature a ferocious, ruthless, and murderous person. When he heard this, he nodded and replied, “I will obey the orders of my eldest brother!” As he spoke, he glanced at the Three Demons and shouted in a deep voice, “The Three Wonders of Wulin are my teacher, and the Treasure Flag is my weapon. With the martial arts of the Seven Demons of White Bones, if you want to seize the Treasure Flag from me, you can’t do it in this life!”! My eldest brother has a kind heart and will let you live. I hope you can turn back to the good. If you are still evil, you will not be lenient next time! Even if ants are greedy for life, how can people not be afraid of death? At this time, the three demons were already frightened, and they knew that they were too different from each other. Even if they fought with their lives for their lives, they might not be able to hurt each other. Under such circumstances, how dare you hum a sentence, you want to die, so you have to swallow your pride,Inflatable water obstacle course, stare at three pairs of fierce eyes, and look at the nameless silence. Although they were silent, they were making up their minds from the bottom of their hearts and secretly scolded, “Puppy!”! Today and by you sell crazy, gentleman revenge, ten years is not too late, today this blood feud, not only in the potential will be reported, poison chasing soul flag,inflatable amusement park, also vowed to seize, and even you this dog’s dog life, together, even with interest.. The nameless saw that although the three demons did not make a sound, they were all staring at each other with two fierce eyes. Knowing that the three demons had a deep hatred in their hearts and would seek revenge in the future, they could not help it. At that moment, they were cruel and secretly said, As long as you evil thieves really do not know whether you are alive or dead, and seek revenge from your young master, the young master will surely kill you one by one! “If you want revenge,” he said with a sneer, “just look for your young master in Jianghu.” Wu Juanjuan suddenly gave a coquettish laugh and said, Hey! If you want to find my third brother, you can find the three heroes of Shenzhou! As soon as Wu Juanjuan’s voice fell, she heard a loud roar of laughter from a big tree more than five feet away: “What a Three Heroes of China!” The sound of laughter is clear and clear, and the voice is sonorous, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable dry slide, just like the impact of gold and stone. It is obvious that the person is full of energy, and the depth of his inner skill has reached a desperate situation. As soon as the voice fell, he saw a figure rising from the top of the tree. His robe was fluttering and falling, as light as flying catkins falling to the ground. He was not surprised by the dust. This flying skill alone was enough to shock people. When he fell to the ground, he turned out to be a middle-aged scholar, dressed in a gray cloth shirt. Although he had more than ten patches, he was washed very clean. As soon as the middle-aged scholar’s figure appeared, the faces of the three demons could not help but change slightly. They looked at each other and went to the four people who were two dead and two wounded. They reached out to pick up the bodies of the four people and jumped away without saying a word! The middle-aged scholar gazed intently at Duan Bin and Wu Juanjuan, gazing at the nameless handsome face and saying slowly, “Little baby!”! You’ve got the three best martial arts in Wulin. It’s really extraordinary. It’s just that you’re too ruthless. Seeing that the middle-aged scholar was very old as soon as he opened his mouth, he was completely in the tone of an elder teaching the younger generation a lesson. He couldn’t help feeling quite unhappy. When he was about to speak, he suddenly saw a flash of white shadow. The eldest brother had already rushed to the middle-aged scholar and bowed to him, saying, “Martial Uncle Sang!”! You can’t blame the third brother for being hot. The middle-aged scholar was stunned. “Hey, who are you?” He asked, gazing at Duan Bin, who was chasing the soul in white. As soon as Duan Bin saw the middle-aged scholar staring at him, he smiled and said, “Uncle Sang, don’t you know Rong’er?” “Oh!”! So it’s you. As the middle-aged scholar spoke, he took one of Duan Bin’s hands and looked at Duan Bin’s jade face with infinite love and gentleness. He said with a smile, “When you dress up like this, Martial Uncle hardly knows you.” Bai Yi Chasing Soul Duan Bin smiled and said, “Martial Uncle doesn’t know me, but I do.”. ” Pointing to Wu Mingming and Wu Juanjuan, he said, “Martial Uncle, they are my new sworn second sister and third brother.” The middle-aged scholar looked at Wu Juanjuan and Wu Wuming and said with a smile, “So you call yourselves the Three Heroes of China.” “Uncle, do you think our title is good?” The middle-aged scholar looked at the nameless one again and said with a deep smile, “It’s very good. However, I hope you can take good care of this name. Don’t be called the Three Evils of China in the martial arts world. That’s not good.” Bai Yi Chasing Soul Duan Bin was extremely clever. As soon as he heard the middle-aged scholar’s words, he seemed to understand his mind. Zheng Rong nodded and replied, “Martial Uncle, you can rest assured. My second younger sister and third younger brother and I must abide by the creed of Wulin in everything. We will never violate the morality of Wulin!” The middle-aged scholar nodded and said, “As long as you can keep in mind the moral creed of Wulin and don’t do anything contrary to reason, that’s all.” Bai Yi Chasing Soul Duan Bin nodded his head and turned to Wu Ming and Wu Juanjuan and said, “Second younger sister and third younger brother, come and pay your respects to Martial Uncle Sang as soon as possible. Martial Uncle Sang is a poor scholar with an iron pen who has shaken Jianghu for decades and is known as the Second Friend of the Wind and Dust.” Nameless and Wu Juanjuan smell speech, two people hurriedly come forward to the worship of the younger generation, iron pen poor Confucian also with half ceremony. The iron-pen poor scholar caught a glimpse of the Thunder Sound Sword on Miss Wu Juanjuan’s back. He looked at the girl with a slight sense of surprise and asked, “Is the girl a snow mountain saint with high feet?” When Wu Juanjuan was asked, she replied respectfully, “The younger generation is at the gate of the Snow Mountain.” The iron-pen scholar nodded his head and looked at the nameless one and asked, “I’ve heard that your teacher and the other three have already passed away. Is that true?” Nameless replied respectfully, “The legend of Jianghu is not true. The three teachers are still alive. It was not until the eve of the younger generation’s departure that they really passed away.” “Oh!” The iron-pen scholar suddenly remembered something. He looked at the three of them and asked, “Recently, it is widely said in Jianghu that there is a young man named Sai Pan’an, who is a scholar in white and with a pink face. I heard that he is very good at martial arts and has a fierce hand. Do you know who this man is?” When Wu Juanjuan and Wu Mingming heard this, they were stunned, and their two pairs of eyes looked at their eldest brother in surprise. The eldest brother smiled at them and said to the iron-pen scholar,Inflatable indoor park, “What’s the matter with him, Martial Uncle?” “No, I’d love to meet him.” 。


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