Work from Home Program- Earn Extra Cash During the Credit Crunch With a credit crunch upon us who doesn’t want on extra cash? More and more Extra Cash Each Month people are starting to look for ways to earn extra cash from home.  There are plenty of work from home programs that you can get into that will enable you to earn extra cash that you need without having to leave your home.  So what types of jobs can you find to do at home?  One of the leading jobs for stay at home and people is writing jobs.  Some people may know these jobs as typing jobs.

It may not be in your best interest to quit your day job if you are looking into some work from home programs or typing jobs that you can do from home.  You can and get a decent second income when you first start out with typing from home if you get enough companies to write for.  You want to first build up some clientele before you make the switch to doing this as your sole income.  So what is involved in a typing program that you can do from your own home?

When you first start applying to certain companies that offer jobs you to work from home, you will need to give a sample of your work.  You will initially send in a cover letter, possibly a resume, and at least two samples of your writing.  This will allow them to see what your qualifications are.  If you’re going to be doing a data entry job then you may need to take some basic tests to prove your keystrokes per minute or how many words you can type per minute.  Once you get through the preliminary inspection, the company may then give you a sample article or project to complete to see how well you follow the directions.

Each company will offer their employees or freelance writers, a rate of pay.  This is generally figured on the amount of words that you type.  Some companies pay per piece where others prefer per word.  You’ll need to check with the particular company that you’ll be typing for as to what their rate of pay as so you know what you can expect.  You also want a look into how often the company pays.  Some web sites allow you to take on typing jobs and get paid through them.  This is where the employers will post jobs they have open on job sites and you can then bid on the job.  If you are the winning bid, you then complete the task and turn it in to get paid.  Some company’s require that you make a certain amount of money before you can withdraw the funds for example: in order to withdraw your money you need to earn at least $30.00 before making your first withdrawal.  If you find that the company you are typing for is only paying you $10.00 for the piece of work you’re doing then you’ll need to complete a few more jobs in order to withdraw some money.

There are companies that pay weekly, bi-monthly and then monthly. Working from home is not as difficult as many may make it out to be.  You just need to know where to look for the work and be sure to look into typing jobs.  You want to make sure that the company is legitimate and that they follow through on paying their employees.  With some perseverance and dedication, you will soon find that you’ll be working from home, doing the things that you want to do, when you want to do them.