1. Safety: Safety always comes first. Outdated electric panels can be a problem for you and your family as they could lead to electric shock or fire. Do not DIY electrical works you must call in a professional electrician to check out your electrical layout if you have had any issues with shocks or sparks then you definitely need to have your panel replaced.

  2. Energy efficiency Overloading the energy supply with extension cords and power strips will overwhelm your system. Adding new breakers will enable you to handle the electrical load of newer appliances and electronics. To install upgraded breakers and increase your energy efficiency Hire an Inlightech Electrician nearby.

  3. Outdated Homes that are older than 40 years will definitely need an electrical upgrade as outdated electrical equipment can not support the electrical load for newer appliances. This will increase your energy efficiency as well as the safety in your home.

  4. Remodelling While remodelling your kitchen or any other area of your house it is highly possible for newer appliances to be installed but your system may not be equipped to handle these newer circuits if you don’t install new breakers or upgrade your system.

  5. Damage A damaged electrical panel needs immediate replacement. Some signs of a damaged electrical panel are lights flicker when you start a larger appliance or if your breakers are frequently tripping you will need an upgrade. Another definite sign for an electrical panel upgrade is if your panel has no more room for expansion. Remember to hire a professional who will abide by the electrical safety acts, unlicensed Electrical Installation Services can get you into trouble as any electric panel that does not meet the safety codes must be replaced as per your homeowners’ insurance. In need of an electric panel replacement, upgrade or Electrical Installation Services? Make an appointment, Call your Nearby Electrician at Inlightech Our professionals will help you keep your family safe and sound.